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Founded in 1872 by ten forward thinking women at Syracuse University, Alpha Phi is now one of the oldest and largest women's fraternities in North America.

The Eta Lambda chapter of George Mason was colonized in 1988, and is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in October of 2013.  Since 1988, the Eta Lambda chapter has won many awards for excellence in Philanthropy, Leadership, and Service.     


Alpha Phi wants you to Go Greek!

George Mason Panhellenic Formal Recruitment will be held on September 24-27, 2015. Recruitment is a fun-filled four days of socials, during which sororities share their sisterhood with potential members. These days allow you to get a glimpse into the personalities and values of each of the 7 chapters on campus. Just as sororities are looking for the right women to join their chapters, you should be looking for a chapter that fits you. Each sorority has something unique to offer and with 7 chapters, you will be able to find a group of women with whom you identify.

If you would like to register for recruitment, click here.

Joining Alpha Phi is one of the best decisions I have made at Mason. I have grown as a leader and a student through all of the opportunities that Alpha Phi has created for me. My sisters are always there for me; to watch a movie, study or go to the beach. I can’t wait to be able to share Alpha Phi’s sisterhood with all of the ladies on GMU’s campus!
— Jennifer Daniel, VP of Recruitment