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Founded in 1872 by ten forward thinking women at Syracuse University, Alpha Phi is now one of the oldest and largest women's fraternities in North America.

The Eta Lambda chapter of George Mason was colonized in 1988, and is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in October of 2013.  Since 1988, the Eta Lambda chapter has won many awards for excellence in Philanthropy, Leadership, and Service.     



Keep the Beat Going ,
Live Heart-Healthy!



Why Women's Heart Health?

Alpha Phi is unique in that we have our own philanthropic organization, the Alpha Phi Foundation.  Founded in 1956, the Alpha Phi Foundation is one of the oldest Greek philanthropic organizations.  Our foundation divides donations into several categories: Women’s Heart Health, educational and leadership programs, and scholarships.  

Alpha Phi chose to focus on women’s heart health because cardiac disease is the number one killer of women in America.  Every woman has a connection to someone who has been affected by heart disease; a mother, a sister, a friend.  The Alpha Phi Foundation strives to fund research programs specific to women’s heart health, because women’s heart disease is much different than men’s.  

Alpha Phi's Annual Philanthropic Events

We are proud to announce that for the 2013-2014 school year our chapter has donated $25,480.87 to the Alpha Phi Foundation. Since our chapter was founded in 1988 we have donated a total $120,505.33 to the foundation.

This past spring Eta Lambda hosted our seventh annual Red Dress Gala at the GMU Center for the Arts. We invited over three hundred parents, alumnae, sisters and friends to join us for desserts, silent auction, and live auction.  Through the generosity of our guests, we were able to raise over $13,000.  

Every Fall Alpha Phi's Phiesta & King of Hearts is where you can see your favorite fraternity men strut their stuff at GMU's premier all-male pageant! Phiesta  is a night of spicy wing eating and a salsa dancing competition where contestants are partnered with a sister of Alpha Phi to earn points the night prior to the pageant.  Contestants are then judged  in several categories: Q&A, formal wear, spirit wear & talent. Whoever ends up with the most points by the end is crowned Alpha Phi's King of Hearts!

Last spring we hosted our most successful Cardiac Arrest event. The "jail and bail" type event is aimed at raising awareness for women's heart health. This year we had 50 male participants representing over 15 of GMU's organizations. The gentlemen who participated were required to either remain in a jail located in the middle of campus or plead for donations while handcuffed to a sister of Alpha Phi until they posted a bail of $25. Every participant surpassed his bail and helped raise $1000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation!

Not only are Alpha Phis at George Mason involved in their own philanthropy--our sisters take pride in supporting other organizations' philanthropies and the community as well!