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The new member process is one of the most exciting experiences during your four years as a collegian. The New Member process is six fun-filled weeks where you have the opportunity to interact with sisters, experience different ceremonies, and learn about the history of Alpha Phi. During your new member period, you will find your 'big sister' and the rest of your 'Alpha Phi family.' If you are interested in learning more about the New Member process, please refer to Alpha Phi's New Member Website. This website was designed for all Alpha Phi new members across the United States and Canada and is a great resource! 

Every year Eta Lambda is strengthened by the addition of a new class of women.  These members help shape the long-standing history and mission of Alpha Phi far beyond their four years at George Mason. Our 100 year-old organization thrives on the spirit and motivation of its members. We are looking for women who want more than just a degree from their collegiate experience; women who will leave their mark at George Mason and uphold Eta Lambda’s longstanding values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, loyalty and character.