Sisters Abroad

Alpha Phi is an organization filled with women who are rooted in kindness, love and respect for one another. A vital part of the college experience is learning about different perspectives and cultures and having your own beliefs challenged. Eta Lambda consists of exceptional women whom exemplify the meaning of service and leadership not only locally but internationally. Read below about a few of our sister's experiences while their study abroad this past winter

Kristen Dalton: London

“In London I had the opportunity to learn Public Relations from a global perspective. I sat down with industry professionals and learned about international campaigns that appealed to diverse target markets. Along with the opportunity to network with industry professionals and further my public relations knowledge, I had the opportunity to explore a city full of rich history and friendly locals.
— Kristen Dalton- Junior

Arlene Flannery- Belize

This winter from January 4th through the 17th I studied Environmental sustainability and conservation in Belize. I had internet access twice, no contact in the form of text messages or phone calls, and no access to social media. This experience was unforgettable and I would’ve never had the courage to apply for a study abroad program without the inspiration and support from my amazing sisters. With love from Belize!
— Arlene Flannery-Sophomore

So the next time you're thinking about studying abroad feel free to contact us and we can give you more information! At the end of it, study abroad in your college career would not mean giving up sisterhood for a given time, but rather enhancing your sisterhood with the unique experiences you've brought back to share.