Senior Sendoff

Every year we have to say our goodbyes to the older sisters that have stood as our role models and support system for the past four years. These girls have shaped our chapter in unforgettable ways and we will treasure the endless memories we have made together.  It is an exciting time as we look forward to the new chapter of their lives and all the success, love and joy that will follow them. Every senior has made an individual and lasting impression and we aspire to follow in their footsteps. Not only have they shown to be an excellent role models for future and current sisters of Alpha Phi but they have excelled as a students of George Mason. We couldn't be more proud of you all! Love to the dipper and back!

Anna Delaney

Anna is one of the most inspiring people I've met through the Alpha Phi. Ever since the day I got my bid she has pushed me to be a better member of our chapter. She tries to see the good in everyone and she is fair and honest. She is going to do and accomplish amazing things in her career. Even though she's a grandma now she still knows how to have fun! -Allie C.


Araceli Romero

Psychology Major

There is no one else I would have wanted to go through the last 3 years with-from gas pedal loving nights to our numerous daytime meltdowns you have been my day 1 and I am so excited to see your future adventures. Thanks for being crazy with me and making me a better person every day. You are such an amazing friends and I'm so happy Alpha Phi brought us together. I love you a milli and can't wait to start the CIA sector with you! -Kayla H.


Alexis Lopez

Biology Major


Alexis is one of the best things that ΑΦ could have brought me. She's the type of person who would be there for someone in a second no matter what the circumstance is. I'm incredibly proud to have a role model who truly demonstrates the values of being an alpha phi. -CJ


Ashley Weaver

Major in Integrative Studies w/a concentration in Elementary Education

Going to Grad School at ODU and helping the Alpha Phi Chapter there!

"Ashley is my biggest role model as she is ambitious, caring, intelligent, and humble among many other things. As Ashley has once served on our executive council, one day she aspires to continue her support for Alpha Phi as an advisor." -Michaela S.




Ashley Topolosky

Art and Visual technology,Graphic design Major; English Minor

"Ashley is one of those individuals that people are lucky to come across. She is both inspiring and motivated with everything that she does;from her book account on Instagram and making cigar holders for her internship. She never fails to make me laugh and be there for me through hard times. I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes within her career of graphic design, because the world is simply endless for her. Ashley has been my best friend from the second that I met her, and each day I am grateful that she is my "sensei". -Dana S.


Caroline Whitlock

"Caroline Whitlock is everything you could want in a sister, a mentor, and a friend. She's incredibly active and dedicated; not only within her school and work life, but especially within alpha phi. She gave so much to both our chapter, and to the community around her, and she inspires all of us to want to do more and be better. She is amazing in so many ways, and is there for anything: help on a test, a volunteer for an event, a shoulder to cry on, or a good laugh. We were incredibly lucky to have her as a part of this chapter, and cannot wait to see all the amazing things she will accomplish in the future!"- Gretchen


Chloe Deliso

Marketing Major

Chloe is one of the best things Alpha Phi as brought into my life! She's given me a home in this amazing chapter and I don't know how I survived before having her around. - Joudy

Chloe is my roommate and hands down one of the hardest working people I know in alpha phi and it sometimes goes unnoticed. Chloe worked so hard to establish our marketing department and raised tons of money for the foundation! -Jen Dan


Codie Hammond

Government & International Politics Major, Intelligence Analysis Minor

Will travel as an Alpha Phi Educational Leadership Consultant this coming year!

Codie has been a role model to me as well asthe rest of the chapter. She inspires me to be the best and happiest version of myself and I hope to be as involved and influential a sister as she has been to me. We would never be where we are if it weren't for Codie. She is and always will be special to this chapter. -Samantha R.



Dana Salesman

Community Health Pre health Professions Major

Dana is such a cool chick I don't even know where to start. She is so brave and her love for traveling is so inspiring. She motives me to run until I can't breathe and lifts everyone up. She has such a positive energy and is a joy to be around. Never lose your crazy spirit! -Lauren W.

A person who is so full of kindness, beauty and love. Someone whom I have the greatest pleasure of calling a true friend. -Criz


Evan Petschke

Global Affairs Major, Journalism Minor

"Evan is the definition of a role model. She is constantly pushing people to achieve greatness in all they do. I can't wait to see the amazing things she does working in the public sector"- Kristen D.


Emma Harrell

Tourism and Events Management Major

For Emma Harrell, although we weren't together long she is the best g-big I could ask for and always made me feel so welcome. She always offered advice and was there whenever I needed her. -Deanna

I remember when Emma was in charge of Red Dress Gala she put in so much heart and soul into the preparation that I was truly inspired. She was able to orchestrate this amazing event and I know we were all so appreciative. She has been an amazing Alpha Phi sister and has made a good lasting impression not only in our chapter but other fraternity and sorority chapters. Congratulations on a huge achievement and can't wait to see your success! -Kayla H.


Elizabeth Wall

Criminology/Forensics Major

Ewall was one of the reasons I wanted to join Alpha Phi. Shortly after joining this amazing sisterhood, she became my big sister. Ever since then we've made awesome memories, from adventuring in New York to staying in and having wine nights with her puppies. It is so bittersweet that she is now an alum of alpha phi, but I am so eager and excited to watch her to continue do big things in the real world. Love you so much Ewall! -Sara K.

Since I joined Alpha Phi, Elizabeth has been one of the most welcoming person. With her baby spice beach pig tales and the spunk of a thousand puppies, I can honestly say she brightens any room with her personality. She always has a smile on her face and brings light into the darkest days. Thanks for being so awesome E Wall, you rock! -Taylor F.


Hannah Bell

Communications and Sport Management Major

Will be attending Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies fall 2016

Thanks for working so hard to make Greek Week such an awesome experience this year, our chapter couldn't of done it without you. Also thanks for letting me be your fifth roommate and letting me eat your raspberries and Nutella during the snow storm. You're going to kill it at Georgetown and I can't wait to see all the things you accomplish in the future. Love, Nikki

HannahBell and I bonded over our love of sports when I was a new member and I've loved having her as a friend ever since 💓-Joudy


Julia Mathews

Bioengineering Major Psychology Minor

Your more then my Big sister but a best friend and role model. The memories we have made are unforgettable but thankfully there's still more to come. Love you big! -J

Julia Matthews is the best GGbig I could ask for. She's been so kind, supportive, helpful and understanding since I've met her. She has such a friendly demeanor, it's so easy for me to be myself around her. -Donna


Kaitlyn Brooks

Marketing and ISOM Major

One of the most caring and genuine people I've ever known, I couldn't have asked for a better biggins and I'm so excited to see what you achieve in the future! aoe times a mili! -Julia

I remember the first time I met Kaitlyn was a couple days after she had transferred and she was so happy to meet sisters and had such an amazing sense of humor that it made it seem like we had known each other for forever. Kaitlyn is one of the most down to earth person and I can't wait to see where life takes you! -Kayla 


Katie Oeland

Community Health ; Pre-Health Professions Major

I know I can speak for our chapter when I say Katie is one of the most thoughtful, driven, and quirky women I know. I'm proud to have such a good friend and sister.  I have been lucky to live with her this year and honestly don't know how I would have survived without her! I wish you the best on your backpacking trip and pursuing med school!! -Montana 


Lauren Seger

Major in Integrative Studies w/a concentration in Elementary Education

Going to Grad School for Elementary Education at GMU!

Lauren Seger is one of the truest friends I've ever had. She is always there to pick you up and is so sweet and loyal. I'm so happy you are going to grad school because I'm not sure I could do my senior year without you! -Lauren W.

Lauren is a very special person to me. She took me under her wing and helped guide me through the past two years and without her I wouldn't be where I am today. She is such a strong woman and always gives the best advice. Lauren has been and always will be an amazing role model and figure for me to look up to. -Paige B.


Madeleine Fitzgerald

Psychology Major Spanish minor

Madeline always knows how to make me laugh and is the best GG big ever! I love your positive energy all the time -Sam P.

Since I've met Madeline she has brought nothing but fun into my life. She is always there to encourage you to be yourself and not care what anyone thinks. I look up to Madeline so much as a person because of her strong will and positive attitude. Love u Mads! -Lauren W.

I remember talking with her on pref night. She had a big impact on my decision to go home to alpha phi. Very personable and down to earth! -Deanna


MK Koszycki

Communication - Public relations Major

One of the best parts of the way MK lead our chapter of Alpha Phi was how she inspired all of us to sit up a little straighter, and do a little better. MK brought out the best in all of our sisters, inspiring many of us to be leaders ourselves. She was unfaltering in her desire to do the right thing, and was always brave enough to speak her mind. Her passion, drive, and big heart are going to take her so far. Eta Lambda was so lucky to have her, and her impact will never be forgotten. -Kate R.


Marie Gardiner

Tourism and Events Management major

Marie is one of the most inspiring, spiritual and encouraging women I've ever met in my life. She never stops pursuing her future and is always there to influence her friends to rise to the best of their abilities. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without Marie Gardner. -Carri


Noelle Patterson

Art and Visual Technology BFA

Noelle and I are from the same hometown but neither of us would have known each other/gotten to be so close if it wasn't for alpha phi! Noelle is hilarious and such an talented artist, Whether she's helping paint a banner for Greek week or sculpting 3D art for class! -Jen Dan

Noelle is such a special friend and sister, and I am so lucky to call her one of my best friends. She is an extremely talented artist, a loyal friend,and has an exceptionally compassionate spirit. Eta Lambda has been so fortunate to have Noelle as a sister and I am going to miss having her around next year. -Maira


Nathasha Zeigler

IT Major

I am so thankful that Alpha Phi brought such a fun loving person into my life! Natasha is the type of person you can have an instantaneous bond with, she's always there to laugh and listen. I am thankful for being such a good role model, best friend and sister. -Jessica M.


Noor Omar

Global affairs and International politics Major

"Noor is beautiful inside and out. Always goal oriented, determined and cheerful. A true friend that everyone should get to know!" -Mia

Whenever I see Noor she always welcomes me with a huge smile and hug-she is one of the most kind hearted girl I know. I'm so happy you found your home in Alpha Phi and showered us with your love. -Kayla


Susie Andrejcack

Marketing Major

Susie is the best big, role model, and best friend I could have ever asked for. I am so unbelievably lucky to have her in my life and I can't wait to see all the amazing things I know that she's going to accomplish in the future!- Carissa

Susie has had an enormous impact not only in Alpha Phi but in Greek Life as a whole. She is constantly challenging others to better themselves and I am so happy Alpha Phi brought us together. Susie has perfect hair and her ability to just wake up flawlessly is inspiring. Can;t wait to see your success! -Kayla


Stephanie Pareja

Major in Integrative Studies w/a concentration in Elementary Education

Going to Grad School for Elementary Education at GMU!

Stephanie Pareja is the the kindest person I've ever met. She can always brighten your day with her smile and is the most generous, selfless sister. It has been the best part of my college experience getting to live with my big sister and I'm so thankful we get another year! -Lauren W. 

The best big any little could ever ask for and more. The greatest role model that I aspire to be. -Criz

Stephanie is the most caring person I know and puts 110% into everything she does. Her work ethic, empathy and love for others are just a few characteristics that make her such a perfect candidate as a future educator. Thanks for brightening my life! -Kayla


Siobhan Rudolph

Legal Studies Major

I've known Siobhan since freshman year and she's always been one of the most kind and loyal people I know. She has always been there for me when I needed a place to sleep, something to eat, or someone to go with me to Georgetown. Alpha Phi was lucky to have her as a sister and I hope more girls like her join this fall. -Elizabeth W.


Tina Carmona

Psychology concentration in Work & Organizational Psychology; Minor in Business

Starting a full time job in recruiting at Insight Global at the end of June!

My big is the most loving caring person I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I choose her as my big because We laugh, we cry, gossip, and strive to succeed in our futures together. Somehow she managed to always be my biggest supporter and my rock. We’re closer than I could have ever imagined and I truly look to her as my big sister. She has truly helped shape this chapter alone with her bubbly, charismatic optimistic personality. -Amber