Spring Breakers

This past week our sisters spent their spring breaks all over the world! Some sisters spent the week paired up with other Greeks for service, others traveled abroad and explored different countries and others spent the week relaxing and having some well deserved rest with other sisters! We are happy to have all of our sisters back sunkissed, rejuvenated and ready to finish up the semester!

Susie Andrejcak, Kayla Hanigan, Olivia Bartley- Raleigh, North Carolina

We spent the week with other members of the Greek community from Mason learning about the different aspects of Habitat for Humanity and their specific goal for the Wake County. It was an incredible experience that helped create bonds with other fraternity and sorority members and be more aware of the social issues involved.

Tatiana Peralta- Barcelona, Spain

I was here for 10 days and got to explore almost the whole city and learn about Gaudi who built a lot of the city! Super fun!

Tina Carmona- Miami Beach, Florida

Me and a bunch of our sisters went to Miami for spring break where we could finally relax after our hard work. It was an amazing week with my beautiful best friends who I’m lucky to call my sisters.

Gabriella Ebeling- Copenhagen, Denmark

I really enjoyed the more relaxed culture Denmark has. I also enjoyed the different architecture in comparison to America’s and the history behind many of the buildings.

Rachel Bennett & Hailey Stephens- West Virginia

We went hiking and camping in West Virginia! We hiked about 30 miles within the 4 days we were there and found this amazing outlook to watch the sunset!

Julia Keehn, Kerstin Abolnik & Deanna Mastronardi- Cancun, Mexico

We were on the strip of cancun for about a week, it was honestly the most memorable and amazing vacation I have had yet. Not only were we able to enjoy the beautiful beach with other sisters from other states, but we also went on a Mayan adventure that included zip lining through the jungle and ended our trip in the ruins of Tulum. Hands down the best time with the best sisters.

Every experience in college is extremely valuable,we are so happy to have our sisters back and hear about the knowledge they gained and the experiences they had this past week!