"Tell me about it, Stud" Greek Week Team 6

Our community prides itself on the pillars of leadership, service, philanthropy, community, friendship and scholarship. During the year, GMU Greeks participate in a variety of events that directly reflect our core values. One of our biggest events of the year is Greek Week. This year we were paired up with the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Phi and Alpha Sigma Phii and the ladies of Lambda Pi Chi and Alpha Kappa Alpha. We were "Team Fifties". 


Shackathon: The week kicked off to Shack-easily one of GMU's more favored event. Our team came together near North plaza to construct our Shack to help raise awareness of poverty and homelessness and we also raised funding for Habitat for Humanity. Our members had been relentlessly cutting and shaping countless boxes and it all paid off. Take a look!

Food Drive: On Monday we came together to donate our cans of non-perishable food for the charity Food for Others. Collectively as a Greek Community we were able to collect 24,300 cans for Food for Others. Our team specifically donated the most cans for this charity!

Aquatics Night: Our fabulous members came together for a rad performance of synchronized swimming in addition to a compilation of relays and races. Our team got first in our synchro swimming routine! 

Trivia Night: Trivia night is always a fun night and this year was no exception!

Field Day: From penalties to tug a war this day was filled with sweat and endurance-we are so proud of everyone who participated!

Greek Sing: After countless hours of rehearsal and sweat it finally paid off on Sunday afternoon. Check out our team members killing it! 

Video: https://www.facebook.com/GMUAlphaPhi/videos/1349683375058833/ 

The best part of this Greek Week was the bond we created with our partnering teams and that we raised the most money for Habitat for Humanity and donated the most cans for FoodforOthers. Ever since Greek Week ended we have supported one another in intramural games, study sessions and enjoyed each other's company. Thank you to everyone who helped out with Greek Week to make this one memorable and incredible! Can't wait for next year!

“This year was such a memorable Greek week! Teaming up with PiKapp and Asig was so much fun and I’m glad that our chapters have been able to extend our friendship even beyond Greek week!”
— Christina Orlando, President of Alpha Phi

"From the suspenseful minutes leading up to the birth of team 6, after 2 re draws of teams in that meeting room back in February I knew this would be the start of an incredible experience. Having worked with Pi Kapp the previous year I already knew their brothers were determined and hard working. To the ladies of Alpha phi, you all really show what it means to care and be the best at everything you do. Although the end result isn't what we wanted, it really doesn't matter. What matters is the difference we made in the community and the positive outlook that it hopefully gives outsiders on greek life. Also the fact that we were definitely the hardest workers out there and it showed. A special shoutout to Hannah, Susie, Christina, Ian, Jason and cash for all the countless hours they put in to making this process a huge success. For me working with them, I feel like I learned a lot about ourselves as leaders and the potential we have to bring to all of our organizations, especially with all of our chapters heading in positive directions from this semester. Along with that, was the friendships and bonds formed between our team and it was an honor to be president of an organization that was a part of this. I wish the best of luck to everyone on team 50s in the rest of your semester."

-Matt Solomon, President of Alpha Phi Sigma