Fabulous Phi: Kate Reilly

This week's Fabulous Phi is everyone's favorite girl Kate Reilly.  Kate has always been a ray of sunshine and is constantly brightening sisters days. She is superwoman- running from taking care of children at Flint Hill to attending executive meetings and other extracurricular activities all while managing a challenging academic schedule. Ever since joining Eta Lambda in Fall 2014 Kate Reilly has excelled in contributing back to our chapter and making a difference here on the George Mason campus. It is no shock that Kate earned this week's Fabulous Phi! 

1. What is your year and major?

I'm (unfortunately) a senior, and a psychology major! I really enjoy working with kids, and am hoping to be a school psychologist or a family therapist. I started work at Flint Hill School this year, and I absolutely love it! Few things brighten my day more than my junior kindergarten/kindergarten group. I work every week day in their AfterCare program, and I find it so rewarding. The job has affirmed my desire to work with kids and their families in the future.

2. What led you to choose Alpha Phi?

The best thing about Alpha Phi is the genuine joy our sisters bring. I think our sisters ability to make people laugh is the most underrated and awesome thing about this chapter. Be it Christina Orlando's warm and comforting presence, Jen Dan's absurd sense of humor, or CJ's ridiculous snap chats, our sisters never fail to bring joy to bring me joy. The laughter and love I've felt in Alpha Phi is unique and special, I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

3. What are your passions and how did they develop? 

I'm super cheesy, but my biggest passion is uplifting the people around me. Be it smiling at every person I meet at the homeless shelter, or encouraging the kindergarteners in my AfterCare group to give it their all on an activity, I want to make others happy. This year, I've had the honor of serving as Vice President of Programming and Education for our chapter. This position has presented me with countless opportunities to brighten a sister's day. Before joining Alpha Phi, I never saw myself as the kind of girl who could be in a position of influence. Being a VP of this chapter has completely changed the way I see myself. While I've been presented with new challenges, I've also had amazing opportunities. I think every young woman deserves to explore her potential and leadership is a great way to do so! Alpha Phi has helped to cultivate and develop my passions. 

Selfless: concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own. Kate is the very meaning of selfless. She is constantly going out of her way for sisters and other organizations and students on campus. We are extremely lucky to have Kate in Eta Lambda.
— Gabriella Ebeling

4. What advice do you have for the new members?

My best advice for new members is don't wait. Don't hesitate to jump in with two feet, you will not regret being on an extra committee, or applying for a position you're interested in. Don't wait to ask for help if you're struggling. Your sisters will surprise you, both in your times of joy, and in your struggles. Don't wait to attend the next mixer, or the next sisterhood event. You'll miss out on little moments with the most incredible women. Your time in Alpha Phi will go by so much faster than you ever imagined. Cherish every moment, and seize every opportunity to grow. 

5. One thing you would ask a fairy godmother for?

If I could ask a fairy godmother for one thing, I would ask for an extra hour in every day. I would use it to light all the seasonal candles I can get my hands on, and read a book. Since I joined a mother/daughter book club in elementary school, I've had an all-consuming love of reading. Once I start a book, I can't put it down. It would be a full extra hour, but such a nice one. 

6. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

This one was tricky, but I really love weightlifting! I lost a lot of weight over the last year, and my time in the gym certainly helped. My boyfriend is an incredible power lifter, and he convinced me to give squatting, deadlifting, and benching a shot. I used to be a pretty competitive athlete, but weight training was never something I was particularly drawn to. I'm honestly surprised by how much I enjoy it! It's a great way to get in shape, but also makes you feel so accomplished! 

7. What has been the most challenging part of college so far?

I think the most challenging part of college for me is knowing when I need to take a break. School can be overwhelming, work can be overwhelming, and so can activities. I think that taking the time out of the day to take care of myself is so important, but hard to do. Finding time to rest is something every college student should do. For me to feel more rested, I try to turn my phone off earlier. While it's easier said than done, reducing my "screen time" at night has helped me to sleep better, allowing me to do more the next day. 

Kate Reilly has the most positive spirit I’ve ever met and is always willing to go the extra mile to make someone’s day or help a sister in need. She embodies all of our values in everything she does!