Shely Benitah: Fabulous Phi


Congratulations to Shely for being this weeks Fabulous Phi! Shely continuously lifts up everyone around her, and always has a positive outlook on life. She is classic, genuine, and driven, and we are lucky to have her in our chapter! Read down below to learn more about this lovely lady!


Where are you from? 

Arlington, VA

What is your year and major?

I'm a junior and Psychology.

What is your favorite throwback bop?

I think this means song... hm “bye, bye” Nysnc

What is your all time favorite food?

SUSHI and Chinese food.

Why did you join Alpha Phi?

Every girl that I met was genuine and caring and made me feel comfortable in the recruitment room and I knew that they held the same ideals that I did.

Who is your hero?

Siddhartha, or, Buddha. He gave up his life at the palace to try benefiting the world positively to make the world a better place with understanding of how to deal with suffering.

What are three words to describe yourself?

Caring, passionate, indecisive

What is your favorite show to binge watch on Netflix?

Greys Anatomy and Friends.. it’s a tie ;)

What is your favorite quote?

Honestly that’s REALLY hard.. especially if you go through my Twitter and Instagram you can see I love quotes. One of my favorites is... “Happiness is a choice not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy.Your happiness will not come to you, it can only come from you.“

What is your dream job?

Not a specific job.. but being able to do something that can change the world in a positive way and make the world a better place.