Fabulous Phi: Jennifer Daniel

This week's Fabulous Phi is our very own Vice President of membership recruitment Jennifer Daniel. Jen Dan has been an active member of Eta Lambda since she joined her freshman year in 2013. Read below to get to know her a little better and why she is so deserving for this week's Fabulous Phi!

1. What is your major?

My major is Communications: Public Relations. I'm not a math or science chick at all but I love interacting with people and my strong suits are reading and writing so it just made sense. I think it would be so cool to work as a public relations specialist for a large hospital.

2. What's your favorite thing about Alpha Phi?

The support system. Last year was a crazy year for me and it is absolutely incredible to have so many women who genuinely care about your well being and want to be there for you through the good and the bad.

3. What actress would play you if your life was turned into a movie?

Kristen wiig

4. Favorite Alpha Phi Event/Experience and why?

Bid day is honestly the most rewarding and fun day! It's great to see all of our new members and everyone so excited about Alpha Phi!

5. Life Motto?

"Take criticism in stride, it means people expect things from you"

6. Why did you join Alpha Phi?

I knew I wanted to be Alpha Phi from the get go: the Aphis that I met were all so naturally cool and fun so it was an easy decision for me. And the Philanthropy was just an added bonus!

7. Best College Advice you can give?

Get involved. It is so cliche but college goes by soooo fast and you only have 4 years! Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and never say no to a random adventure because those will be the nights that you'll never regret.

I love Jen Dan because she is a hoot! She always knows how to make everyone laugh! I’m so lucky to have her as a Big!
— Kunnica Kou- Jen's Little