Bordeaux Beau & Ivy Men 2016-2017

This year at Formal we finally announced our new Bordeaux Beau and Ivy Men for the 2016-2017 school year. The Bordeaux Beau is a prestigious title given to a male individual who has supported and given back to our chapter unconditionally.  This outstanding individual has the love of every single one of our sisters and we couldn't be happier to have him play such an integral part of our lives.  Every Bordeaux Beau holds a special place in our hearts and this year we proudly announced the passing of the torch from the amazing Maxwell Huntley to Jonathan Garcia-Calderon. 

Bordeaux Beau

A huge shoutout to the sisterhood that has shown me so much love and has helped me grow tremendously as an individual. I am still so humbled to have been your Ivy Man and I hope that the next one helps your chapter in the best ways possible. For those graduating this semester, it was wonderful to meet and get to know you all and hopefully we’ll run into each other along the way. For the rest of you guys, I can’t wait to spend another year at Mason supporting alpha phi every step of the way. I love you guys, and thank you for everything. It was truly one of the happiest days of my life to be named your Bordeaux Beau. I love you Alpha Phi, & I hope I make you all proud!
— Jonathan Garcia-Calderon, Brother of Delta Chi

What's your year & major? Rising Senior, Global Affairs

What's your favorite memory of Alpha Phi? My favorite memory was my very first Alpha Phi event. It was the date party in 2014-and every sister I met that night was kind and welcoming! I met my best friend that night and continued to develop even deeper relationships with more sisters.

Name three adjectives that describe Alpha Phi? Humble, Determined, Compassionate

Jonathan has been there for me more than I can count. He is the epitome of a best friend and there’s no one else I would rather have as Bordeaux Beau. His love and kindness is inspiring and can’t wait to have the new girls meet him!
— Kayla Hanigan

Ivy Men

Adrien Lagarde- Brother of Kappa Sigma

Adrien is a great friend to many of us, and is always showing support of our sisters at philanthropy events and IM games. He’s one of the best friends I’ve made at Mason and I couldn’t be happier that he’s an Ivy Man!
— Tanya Booher

Terell Hood- Brother of Pi Kappa Alpha

Terrell came into this year with nothing but love for alpha phi! He brought snacks and gatorade to our games and cookies to our chapter! He is genuine and kind-hearted and I’m so proud to call him my friend and, even better, our ivy man!
— Arlene Flannery

Bradley Cash- Brother of Alpha Sigma Phi

Bradley has done a lot for our sisterhood by going out of his way to get to know each sister and taking the time to come to all of our events.
— Hannah Bell
I could not think of someone more deserving of Ivy Man. Bradley’s dedication to Alpha Phi is amazing. He volunteers for every event he can, supports our philanthropy, and is loved by all of our sisters! I am so proud of him.
— Paige Barry

Yonas Woldemariam - Brother of Pi Kappa Alpha

Yonas supports Alpha Phi wherever he goes, he is always down to help and rep Aphi whether that’s to cheer us on in sports, study in the JC, bringing us every type of food possible, or to kill it on the dance floor, he’s always there with a smile on his face, we couldn’t ask for a better asset and friend then Yonas ❤
— Jessica Murter

Hunter McAdoo- Brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Hunter McAdoo, the winner of our king of hearts pageant, is a clear supporter of alpha phi and our philanthropy. His love for Alpha phi is obvious through his generous donations and attendance at every event we hold. He is always down to hangout with sisters, which almost always involves food. Hunter is also an AΦ little and loves hanging out with his fam. He genuinely cares for everyone and his loving smile can brighten any day. We’re so lucky to have an Ivy Man like hunter!
— Hannah Myers

Maxwell Huntley: Brother of Alpha Sigma Phi

When Max was our Bordeaux Beau, he went above and beyond to make sure each sister of Alpha Phi knew he truly cared for them. I’m so happy that Max was given the title of Ivy Man to recognize all of the hard work he put into the Bordeaux Beau position. He left the position with big shoes to fill, and we will forever be grateful for all he has done for us.
— Christina Orlando