Avery Eddins: Fabulous Phi

This week's Fabulous Phi is Sophomore Avery Eddins.  Avery's prominent bubbly and caring presence within our chapter has made an incredible difference and comes to no surprise why she is Fabulous Phi of the week.  Avery manages the busy schedule of a sophomore student here at George Mason University but also balances a hectic work schedule on top of being an active sister. Read below to get to know her a little better!

1. Where are you from?

Frederick, Maryland. Born and raised :) Maryland definitely has better drivers

2. What year are you and what is your major?

I'm a sophomore and a community health major and one day I want to be an occupational therapist!!!

3. What's your go-to Chipotle order?

It honestly depends on whether I am craving chicken or not, if I want to go all in I get white rice, chicken, mild, corn, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole...YES I KNOW ITS EXTRA

4. What song do you like to jam out to while driving?

I don't have one particular fave song to drive to but I do make mix tapes for my car often so I always have fun music to listen to while driving.

5. Where do you work and how do you like it?

I work at the California Pizza Kitchen in Fairfax Corner and I absolutely love it! Everyone there, the employees and customers, are so sweet. Sometimes I forget that this is my job and not something I do for fun haha

6. Whats your biggest pet peeve?

Biggest pet peeve??? I try to not get annoyed by much, but I would have to say my biggest pet peeve is when someone licks their fingers after eating Doritos. So silly to get annoyed by that though hahah

7. What is your favorite Alpha Phi Event and why?

My favorite Alpha Phi event is King of hearts, I love seeing all the guys' talents and everyone all dressed up. This event is always so much fun! 

8. What made you join Alpha Phi?

When I went through recruitment, I connected with so many women in Alpha Phi and I had already felt like I found my home away from home. The girls I had talked to each day were the kind of people I wanted to surround myself with, each of them so confident, sweet, funny, lovable, and just really genuine people who were so easy to get along with!

9. What advice would you give the new members?

As someone who is halfway through their college career, my advice to the new members would be to get as involved as possible!! 

10. Who's your hero and why?

I don't really have a hero but if I absolutely had to pick someone I would pick my favorite musician, Kevin Parker. He is seriously so talented and his music is perfect for every situation, I can always count on him to put me in the happiest mood  Also, I got to see Tame Impala last summer and it was the most life changing experience of my lifffffffffe

11. What's your favorite hobby? Describe

My favorite hobbies include hiking, reading, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends!! Hiking is probably my favorite hobby because you get to enjoy nature and are surrounded by so much beauty. My favorite place is Cunningham Falls in Maryland, it is so serene and the view is amazing.  

Picture by Julian Dorsey

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